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Scarlxrd - 00007


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Текст песни
Scarlxrd - 00007
Smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke
Always leave that shit on
Hey, ayyyy, ya, lxrd
Hahahah, ha

[Verse 1]
Suck my dick
I don't want to take my motherfucking time
I’m so vulgar I'm an asshole and I can't apologise
All the answers the reside inside the backend of my mind
Change the topic see my wallet now I’m happy now I'm fine

Call me 007
Prim and proper with this shit
Call me 007
Nock you off with heavy hits
Call me 007
Special trained up in the bitch
Call me 007
Suit and tie that be the fit

[Verse 2]
Greedy bitch
Want it all
I want to binge
Standing tall, make a bridge
When they fall, they in bits
I was broken, now I'm fixed
All my self inflicted sins
Now I'm focused still insane
I'm a Zeus to these kids, uh
On God nothing here can fuck me up, uh, uh
I just hit depression with an uppercut, uh, uh
Lost inside my brain but now I'm understood, uh (yeah)
Imma stand my ground now I don't have to run
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Scarlxrd - 00007